BugBiteDr is the only topical insect bite treatment specifically developed for relieving pain, stopping itching and reducing inflammation. Our proprietary blend of ingredients have been lab tested and approved by the Personal Care Products Council.

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BugBiteDr instantly stops pain from stings, reduces swelling and best of all, stops itching! Our laboratory tested formula has been proven to relieve symptoms from bites and stings associated with Mosquitoes, Gnats, Biting Flies, Ants, Spiders, Bee’s, Hornet’s, Wasp’s and Chiggers.

Effective on ALL family members. Our formula has been tested in numerous laboratories and has proven safe for ALL members of your family – Including your pets!

BugBiteDr is proud to be made in the United States of America. Our staff (including customer service), ingredients and manufacturing are all located on U.S. soil.


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